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Creativi•Tao™ is a lifestyle optimization program for writers, filmmakers, choreographers, musicians, all fine artists, as well as entrepreneurs, and even visionary engineers and scientists. It contains all the most important things you need to know — but were not taught in school or by convention — that will give your creations the highest impact.

An Introduction

The formula for positively impacting our world is simple: Activate Creative Culture

If we are to thrive throughout the monumental environmental and cultural transition in which our planet and peoples are currently engaged, we must become aware of — and act out of — the deeper dimensions of interconnectedness that fuels and drives our greatest potentials; our inherent “flow state” nature.

Creative people in the arts and sciences can activate this in our human family en masse. Furthermore, the creative community possesses the power not simply to render an image of a “positive” future, but to serve as the actual architects of our future civilization…

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